14 जून 2010

The Purpose of Karari Blog

Dear Readers,
This blog pertaining to Karari has been uploading events, news and personality introductions. We have tried our best that whatever appears on this blog should be positive and helpful to the Kararians. It could not be updated regularly because to run a blog, the blogger should be present in Karari otherwise it is difficult to get full and exact information.
The bomb blast took place in Feb'2010, in which 4 school children were fatally injured. The news had come through different sources. The names of number of persons was rumoured to be involved in it, but, we abstained to put them without authentic confirmation. A name had appeared in the report due to mistaken identity as he did not belonged to Karari.
The news update on the case is that the actual person has surrendered and others suspects have been cleared out.
But, it is sad that some ill-will persons are trying to create negative atmosphere and are trying to settle their old scores on this issue.
It is appreciable that Mr. Rashid Rizvi of Rizvi College, Karari has played a constructive role in this issue and eased the tension among the personalities through his positive approach.
We pray that Almighty Allah guides His servants on right path.

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