29 मार्च 2010

Barsi of Asghar Abbas Marhum

Last night on the 4th death anniversary a Majlis for the sawaab of marhum Asghar Baba was organised by his family at their residence, Railway quarters, Bandra west, Bombay. The zakir was Janab Abbas Aalam sahab. The audience were mainly from Karari. The Majlis was followed by dinner.

27 मार्च 2010

Tadfeen of Riyazul Haider (Munna) in Mumbra

The small and virtually overflowing graveyard of Mumbra was the final resting place for Riyazul Haider s/o Ramazan Husain. He was 67. The relatives and friends came in large numbers. Munna bhai was the son-in-law to Qasim dada marhum and was the younger brother of marhum Jakkan baba (may Allah shower His mercy on all of them).

Munna bhai had been living in Kalyan with his family in a small home and had been hard working in a security firm before he retired due to ill health. He had two brothers in law from his wife's side. One is in Allahabad and another one in Meera Road. He sold his land to Dr. A H Rizvi for building a famous and prestigious educational complex in Karari, Koshambi (ALLAHABAD).

His Sewwom (3rd day fateha) Majlis will be held at Bahman Complex, Kausa, Mumbra on Sunday, 28th March 2009 at 11.00 AM. The Zakir is Maulana Kalbe Hasan Sahab. For more detail Riyaz (Durre) can be contacted on 9892574296.
The best remembrance for a departed soul is to recite a surah Fateha for it.

26 मार्च 2010

Mohammad Murtaza (Nabban TT) hospitalised

Nabban TT of Karari s/o Qasim Baba marhum developed heart problem and was hospitalised at Jagjivan Ram Railway Hospital in Bombay Central. He was refered to Jaslok Hospital for the Angioplasy. He had developed 3 blocks to heart. Pray for his early recovery. For detail his son Najmul can be contacted on 09892189516

Riyazul Hider of Karari Passed Away

The younger brother of Jakkan Baba marhum, Janab Riyazul Haider know as Munna, who lived in Kalyan near Bombay has passed away today morning at 8.30 AM. He will be buried in Mumbra Graveyard at 4.00 PM today. He has 3 sons. Durre, Shahe Najaf are elder ones.
Please do not forget Namaze Wahshat for him tonight.

24 मार्च 2010

Marsiya by Subban Rizvi

This marsiya was recited by Subban Rizvi last Moharram At Ali Manzil, Karari. Subban Rizvi has memorised few Meer Anees Marsiyas and is good at it. Picture quality is weak, but the audio is fine.

23 मार्च 2010

Sayed Zameer Qasim (Tashshan) ki Tadfeen

marhum Sayed Zameer Qasim known as Tashshan passed away on 7th March 2010 in Govandi, Mumbai. He left behind his wife, 1 daughter and 2 sons. His father was marhum Sayed Nawazish Husain who also passed away this year (approx 40 days prior). He belonged to Chhota Talabpar, Karari (Allahabad). He was about 55 years of age. This video is of his burial at Rehmatabad, Mumbai. Please recite a surah fateha for his departed soul.

05 मार्च 2010

Tashshan bhai of Karari Passed Away in Mumbai

Tashshan bhai s/o Sayed Nawazish Husain marhum has passed away today morning in Bombay. He lived in Govandi and is survived by 2 sons and a daughter. He was suffering from heart disease for many long years. His brother-in-law is Janab Sadiq Hasan Rizvi of Irla. His burial will take place probably after namaz of Maghrabayn. For detail call Sajid (Tinku) on 9820346103