17 मई 2009

05 मई 2009

Alico Public School - Agyauna, Karari

Shabih Haider has taken an effort to start a Public School at his village Agyauna, a km away from Karari West, over looking Rizvi College of Engineering. Initially running a printing press he suddenly jumped into the field of education. He says that he got the experience from doing the paper works for other schools in Allahabad City. It was not an easy task to start a school in his native village. The task was huge and his financial conditions not sound. The community elders encouraged him and financed him to start the school. Its 2 years now and he has 300 students. He dreams big for his school. He also hopes that people will come forward and donate for the facilities required for the classrooms. The pictures itself speaks of the condition. The advantage for him is that the property belongs to his father Janab Shafi Haider saheb.