21 मार्च 2009

Juloos-e-Amaari, Nauha by Abbas Rizvi

The video clip is of the Nauha recited by a youth Janab Abbas Rizvi s/o of Janab Mukhtar Rizvi. Abbas Rizvi started reciting nauhas since last 3 years. He is one of the best solo nauha reciter in and around Allahabad. The best part of his nauha recitation is that he recites sorrowful nauhas which were penned down more than 40/50 years. He was inspired by Mr. Jaddan who was very famous in 60s & 70s in Allahabad district. The nauha he has recited in this clip is on the day of Juloos-e-Amaari on 5th March 2008 in Karari. It was very popular 3 decades ago. May Allah give taufeeq to Abbas Rizvi so that he gives his maximum service in the azadaari of Imam Husain (a.s.).