18 सितंबर 2008

Cyber Cafe in Karari

Karari is going hi tech. After the establishment of Rizvi College, this town has seen stupendous progress. After the bifurcation of Allahabad, a new district was carved out of it and was named Koshambi. The current UP CM Mayawati has been generous to this baby district. Many development schemes are in progress. The Karari Loksabha constituency and Assembly (reserved seats) always sent a SC/ST candidate to the parliament and state assembly, but, these elected candidates worked for their own personal development and nothing for this town which is 14 kms away from railway station (Bharwari). It was the effort of Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi, who utilised his MP (Rajya Sabha) fund to change the face of this town with new roads, electricity, huge educational complex etc.

Few months ago a Cyber Cafe was inaugurated at Ambahi, now called as Naya Nagar. This Cafe is run by Zia & Asfi, who sell home appliances, building material, hardware, electrical and other products. These brothers have rented about 8 shops in the Zainab Villa complex. Both the brothers are hardworking and very humble.

The facility to chat and email has given the Kararians to be in touch with their relatives and friends all over the world.

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