19 अगस्त 2008

The First Baker of Karari

Janab Manzoor Hasan, known as Nabban bhai was the first person to start a bakery in Karari about 30 years ago. There was no electricity at that time. No marketing strategies. No bank support. No elderly and experienced personality to guide him. No support by the community to monopolise his products. No pat on the back for encouragment. WHY?
Because, everyone believed in getting a safe and secure public service, thought to be mantra of stable monthly salary, a good pension and a sound family life. The father of the bride also searched for his to be son-in-law to be one of the public servants.
So, going for a business was not encouraged. No risk to be taken. So, no future of prosperous community. Everyone wanted to go for his own self.
Nabban bhai's business has been stagnant, no growth. Just satisfied with his current status. Fixed clients. Daily effort. It is exclusively labour, not tejarat.
So, what is the LESSON? Find out and share with readers. For the generation next.