11 मार्च 2008

Juloos-e-Amaari in Karari

This is the 43rd Year of Juloos-e-Amaari in Karari, Distt. Koshambi (Allahabad). One of the best in the Indian Sub-continent. People come to attend from different districts and States of India. The uniqueness is its management and discipline. Volunteers from the age of 5 yrs upto the senior citizens are the part of the Team.

This year InshaAllah the Juloos will be held on Sunday 16th March 2008 from 7.00 AM onwards. Share with us your views on rizvi59@gmail.com or write your opinions in the comment pop-up.
Was Salaam
Razi Rizvi

PS: This is the Volunteer Badge for the current year.

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