01 मार्च 2008

The 4 emerging Marsiya Reciters of Karari

In the past Karari had number of expert Marsiya recitors who new their art very well. The high and low pitch of their voice. They created such a descriptive scene of Karbala that the audience visualised the battle. The reciters mesmerised the audience. Also they had the audience support as they knew the Urdu language well and understood the Persian words. MeerAnees, Mirza Dabeer, Meer Monis etc. were the sources of Marsiya. Their Maraasie gave a new dimension to Azadaari. The shortage of Zakereen gave opportunities to local Marsiya reciters. The villages depended wholly on Maraasie in their Majalis.
Unfortunately, this art has been diminishing. For Karari, Mr. Hamid Rizvi had been the saviour of Marsiya recitation. He is one of the best Marsiya reciters of India and the best in Allahabad district. May Allah give him long life and health that he remains fit enough to revive this art.
The light at the end of the tunnel is that few of the souls of Karari have shown interest in Marsiya recitation. Though, they lack in the proper method of recitation, but as we know that practice leads to perfection, InshaAllah we hope that they will carry this holy mantle on their shoulders. Last Moharram (last month), the persons involved in Marsiya recitation in Karari were Mr. Aun Mohammad Rizvi, Mr. Javed Rizvi, Mr. Rehan Rizvi & Mr. Sardar Husain Rizvi (Nayyar). The photos of these personalities is seen above, but, I could not get the photograph of Mr. Rehan Rizvi to upload. To save this art of Marsiya recitation the great help and support is the.............audience. I hope they will save this art by fully appreciating, promoting and attending the Majalis to hear these blessed ones.

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