20 दिसंबर 2008

The Wall of Bada Ghar, Telyapar

The wall of Bada Ghar has come down. It is in Shareefabad. It is more than a century old. It has blocked the main entrance to the house. The place is the starting point of Julus-e-Amari. This photo is of the same wall.

16 दिसंबर 2008

A Request for Namaaz-e-Wahshat

My mother-in-law, the wife of Maulana Sayed Mohammad Ali Asif Zaidi, the vice-president of Tanzeemul Makatib passed away at 1.20 am last night in Meeruth City, UP. She was critically ill for a few days. The burial will take place at village Ghazipur, District Muzaffar Nagar, UP, after the namaaz of Zohr today.
You are requested to perform namaaz-e-Wahshat after the maghrib namaaz. The deceased name is marhuma Sayyeda Ishtiyaq Fatema d/o Sayed Alamdar Husain.
For condolence, contact: 09927069986 or 09719633559
How to perform namaaz-e-Wahshat?
It is Mustahab that on the day of the burial on this night between Maghrib and Isha one should recite two rak'ats prayer. This is known as Namaz-e-Wahshat because for the dead person the most horrifying and difficult is the first night. In the first rak'at after Surah Hamd recite Ayatul Kursi and in the second rak'at after Surah Hamd recite Surah Qadr 10 times. After finishing the prayers mention the name of the dead person and gift her the Sawab of this namaaz.
Fazeelat of Namaz-e-Wahshat:
Shaykh Thiqatul Islam Noori has narrated directly from Fath Ali Sultanabadi that he says he had the habit that whenever he heard of the death of a family member or a friend he would pray two rak'ats prayer of the night of burial and gift the Sawab. "No one knew about this practice of mine. One day I met a friend. He said: Last night I had a dream in which I saw a person who had died that day. I asked him about his well being and inquired about the conditions after death. He said that after my death I was in a terrible difficulty because my deeds were very bad. Till the time this person recited two rak'at prayer. And he mentioned your name. This two rak'at Namaaz saved me from the punishment. May Allah have mercy on the parents of this person who did this favour to me. Marhum Haajj Mulla said: At this time the person asked me what that prayer was? I explained to him the method of this prayer and those things that are beneficial to the dead ones. They are as follows:
1) In order to be safe from the Wahshat-e-Qabr (terror of the grave) one should perform the ruku properly. Thus it is related from Imam Baqir (a.s.) that one who performs the ruku properly does not have terror in the grave.
2) Recite "Laa ilaaha illallaahul Malikul haqqul Mubeen" a hundred times daily. One who recites this is safe from poverty and terror of the grave and affluence pulls him towards itself and the doors of Paradise open up for him.
3) Recite Surah Yasin before going to bed.
4) Recite Namaz-e-Lailatul Raghaib which is mentioned in the A'maal of Rajab on the eve of the first Friday of the month of Rajab. It is narrated from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) that whenever there is narrowness and severity on the dead body the Almighty widens his/her grave and removes the narrowness and says that this widening is because you had recited Namaz-e-Wahshat for such and such believer.

23 नवंबर 2008

09 नवंबर 2008

Marhuma Tafseer Fatema Laid to Rest

In the soil of Karbala, Karari, Marhuma Tafseer Fatema (Razia Aapa) was laid to rest at 3.30 pm. today. Her children were inconsolable as they adored her very much. She had concentrated on their upbringing. The eldest son Shirazi (hearing impaired) was very close to her and is in his prime youth. Its a great loss for Subban bhai and his family. She never missed her prayers, fasts and other wajibaat. A lady with great akhlaaq. Do not miss for her the Namaaz-e-Wahshat tonight after Maghrib prayers. Marhuma Tafseer Fatema d/o Sayed Nasir Husain. May Allah enhance her status in the Hereafter and account her among one of the best lover of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.).

Sad Demise of Mrs. Subban Rizvi

There is a shocking news that last night Mrs. Subban Rizvi passed away due to heart failure and left behind 2 daughters and 4 sons. She came to Karari from Allahabad to visit her ailing aunt. We called her Raziya Aapa. She was very humble and soft spoken. You are requested to recite surah Fateha for her departed soul. The burial will take place today in Karari.
You can call Subban bhai on 9415235534 for condolence.

17 अक्तूबर 2008

Voice of Dildar Bhai

Marhum Dildar bhai of Andehra Karari, Allahabad, passed away in 2006 at his native village. He sold balloons in Bombay and earned handsomely. This audio recording was done at Zainabia, Bombay. Listen and recite a surah Fateha for his departed soul.

15 अक्तूबर 2008

Karari Ke Nawjawaan

In Mumbai the boys of Karari take Sehri before the Juloos of 21st Ramadhan on the occassion of mourning the martyrdom of Hadhrat Ali (a.s.), at Zainabia Imambada, Bombay.

07 अक्तूबर 2008

Views of Zafar, the P A P A

Zafar the son of marhum Riyazul Abbas Rizvi, who was known as Abbas bhai baraf wale with family name Shaddan. He belongs to Talaabper, Karari. The family stays in Kurla, Mumbai. In this video Zafarexpresses his opinion regarding the holy month of Ramadhan. When Mr. Shamim Kazim was the Managing Director of Bombay Mercantile Bank, Zafar was posted in his service by the said bank. I hope you will enjoy his talk. He can be reached out on his mobile no. 9969425157.

28 सितंबर 2008

18 सितंबर 2008

Cyber Cafe in Karari

Karari is going hi tech. After the establishment of Rizvi College, this town has seen stupendous progress. After the bifurcation of Allahabad, a new district was carved out of it and was named Koshambi. The current UP CM Mayawati has been generous to this baby district. Many development schemes are in progress. The Karari Loksabha constituency and Assembly (reserved seats) always sent a SC/ST candidate to the parliament and state assembly, but, these elected candidates worked for their own personal development and nothing for this town which is 14 kms away from railway station (Bharwari). It was the effort of Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi, who utilised his MP (Rajya Sabha) fund to change the face of this town with new roads, electricity, huge educational complex etc.

Few months ago a Cyber Cafe was inaugurated at Ambahi, now called as Naya Nagar. This Cafe is run by Zia & Asfi, who sell home appliances, building material, hardware, electrical and other products. These brothers have rented about 8 shops in the Zainab Villa complex. Both the brothers are hardworking and very humble.

The facility to chat and email has given the Kararians to be in touch with their relatives and friends all over the world.

08 सितंबर 2008

Majlis in Malad, Malony

A Majlis was arranged by the NRKs (non-Residents of Kararvis) in Malad, Malony (Bombay) on the occasion of the 12 death anniversary of marhum Sayed Ghulam Hasnain Rizvi. It was recited by Maulana Zafar Abbas saheb who is the Pesh Imam of plot no. 5 Imambada. He spoke on the wives of the Prophets (a.s.) and the eiman of Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.).
The Majlis started at 9.00 pm and continued till 9.40 pm.

After Majlis a discussion took place that due to price rise of the essential commodities, the sponsors are not coming forward to host Iftar. Various suggestions came up by the believers who were present. Hosting Iftar for a day costs approx. Rs. 3500/- and a single person cannot contribute such a big amount. So they usually share. But, there are poor people who want to participate with a small amount of Rs. 100/- or Rs. 200/-. For such small contributers this paltry amount with sincere intention is very great, so a donation box can be put up for the Iftar during the month of Ramadhan. This may be successful and money can be collected for at least 3/4 days Iftar. All the believers present agreed to this suggestion and was decided that very soon an Iftar Donation Box will be put up at Imambada.
Not a bad IDEA.

05 सितंबर 2008

12th death anniversary of marhum Sayed Ghulam Hasnain Kararvi

Remembering marhum Sayed Ghulam Hasnain Rizvi Kararvi (taaba saraah) on his 12th death anniversary, a majlis has been organised by Zainabia Trust, at Zainabia, Mumbai-9. on Saturday, 6th of September 2008. The majlis will be recited by Hujjatul Islam Maulana Sayed Hasnain Kararvi at 6.00 pm. Marhum Ghulam Hasnain was one of the trustees of Zainabia Trust. He was editor of Al-Muntazar magazine published by Association of Imam Mahdi (a.s.). He was also the co-founder of Association of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) along with marhum Agha Ismail Rajabi (taaba saraah). He translated the persian books/booklets written by marhum Agha Ismail Rajabi (taaba saraah) into urdu language and published through Idara-e-Nashre Uloom-e-Aal-Mohammad (s.a.w.), Moghul Masjid. Marhum Sayed Ghulam Hasnain (taaba saraah) translated more than 250 Persian books/booklets and unaccounted articles for Association into Urdu language. He taught Urdu language to the students of Najafi House Hawza, Jamae Amirul Mo'mineen and mentored his students to become a good Aalim-e-deen. He always tried to bring out best from the youths and always guided and encouraged them. He polished the Urdu language of his colleagues and even to his elders. For example one of his best friend -Sayed Mohammad Akbar Rizvi- two years elder to him, and the current editor of al-Muntazar magazine proudly says that marhum was his teacher and calls him ustad-e-mohtaram.
Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi (Rizvi Builders) still feels his absence, the sad demise of Marhum Sayed Ghulam Hasnain (taaba saraah) was a great loss for him as he always consulted him in religious matters. It was marhum who insisted Dr. Rizvi to establish a college at his native place (Karari). Today the Rizvi College at Karari stands taller in 4/5 Districts around Allahabad with more than 5 faculties and a modern English medium school.
Marhum's love for Imam Mahdi (atfs) was profound. After a hectic tour of eastern Uttar Pradesh, holding exhibitions and functions, celebrating the birth of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) in January 1996 during the holy month of Sha'ban, (Kanpur was his last city) he breathed his last at Lucknow and was buried in his home town Karari, beside his father marhum Amir Ali ibne Roshan Ali. He was just 62 years of age. After his burial in his ancestral graveyard, the graveyard was renamed as Waadis Salaam.
Marhum Sayed Ghulam Hasnain (taaba saraah) never believed in groupism among the Mo'mineen. He brought the people together. He organised the Moharram Majalis in Karari which previously clashed with each other. Still the Majalis are held as per the time table arranged by him during his life time.
His Sewwom (majlis on 3rd day after burial) was read by Hujjatul Islam Maulana Ahmed Ali Abedi sb. A night before Chehlum by Maulana Mehmoodul Hasan of Jaunpur. The Chehlum Majlis by Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar Sb. Same evening of Chehlum another Majlis was read by Hujjatul Islam Sayed Safi Haider Sb at his grave in Waadis Salaam.
He left behind we 4 bros. and 3 sisters. Janab Ainur Reza Rizvi is his eldest son in law, Hujjatul Islam Maulana Sayed Hasnain Kararvi is second son in law and Prof. Nazar Abbas is his youngest son in law.
His only brother Janab Sayed Ghulam Sibtain Rizvi is living in Karari and is a scholar himself. He now manages Amjadia Madrasa after his retirement. He is a good khushnawees (calligrapher) and was a Marsiya recitor during his younger days.
Marhum was very kind and loving. His pen name was "Shafeeq." He very much loved his home town and he wrote after his name as Kararvi. Hujjatul Islam Sayed Mohammad al-Musavi always referred to him "Janab Kararvi Saheb."
May Almighty Allah elevates his position in the Hereafter. I personally feel that during the time of the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) he will come out from his grave wrapped in Kafan, holding a sword in his hand as one of his (atfs) helpers. InshaAllah.
I request you a Sura-e-Fateha for his departed soul.

19 अगस्त 2008

The First Baker of Karari

Janab Manzoor Hasan, known as Nabban bhai was the first person to start a bakery in Karari about 30 years ago. There was no electricity at that time. No marketing strategies. No bank support. No elderly and experienced personality to guide him. No support by the community to monopolise his products. No pat on the back for encouragment. WHY?
Because, everyone believed in getting a safe and secure public service, thought to be mantra of stable monthly salary, a good pension and a sound family life. The father of the bride also searched for his to be son-in-law to be one of the public servants.
So, going for a business was not encouraged. No risk to be taken. So, no future of prosperous community. Everyone wanted to go for his own self.
Nabban bhai's business has been stagnant, no growth. Just satisfied with his current status. Fixed clients. Daily effort. It is exclusively labour, not tejarat.
So, what is the LESSON? Find out and share with readers. For the generation next.

23 जुलाई 2008

Chhamahi (Six month) of marhum Sagheer Ahmad

On the completion of 6 months of passing away of marhum Sagheer Ahmad (Attan) son of Azhar Hasan marhum, a majlis has been organised to elevate his status in the next world.
Date: Saturday, 16th August 2008 at 9.00 in the morning
Venue: Masjid-e-Qazi, Buxi Bazar, Allahabad.

Tel.: 0532-2642786, mobile: 9936883443, 09876095129, 09415513779

22 जुलाई 2008

Pray for the health of Panjatan Rizvi

Panjatan Rizvi has been hospitalised in a Allahabad nursing home in a very serious condition. His condition is critical but out of danger. He is the father of Shabihul Kazim who is working in BMC Bank at Malegaon. Those who would like to talk to him can call him on his cell no. 91 9860451686 

Basement of Hujjat in Mash-had, Iran

This picture is of the basement at the shrine of Imam Reza (a.s.) known as Darul Hujjat (atfs). This is near completion. It is very huge and beautiful. Fully decorated with colourful glass chips. Do not forget to visit while you are in Mash-had going for the visitation of Imam (a.s.).

12 जुलाई 2008

Barsi of Marhum Sayed Amir Ali Rizvi

Today is the Barsi of marhum Sayed Amir Ali Rizvi father of marhum Sayed Ghulam Hasnain Rizvi Kararvi. Marhum passed away in 1985. Today his fateha was held at Rizvi House, Bandra, Bombay. You are requested to please recite one for him.


16 अप्रैल 2008

Dr. Ahmad Abbas Rizvi

Dr. Ahmad Abbas Rizvi of Soni had been admitted to Holy Family hospital in Bandra, Mumbai for the treatment of pneumonia. He has recovered from his illness. Dr. Abbas has performed Hajj and ziyaraat. He has written no. of books on Unani Medicines in Urdu languages.

27 मार्च 2008

Masjidun Nabi (s.a.w.a.w.s.)

The Hajj remains incomplete unless a Haji does'nt make a visit to Madina for the Ziyarat of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.w.s.) and Infallible Imams (a.s.). This photograph is of the Rawdha of Rasool (s.a.w.a.w.s.). taken on 4th January 2008 after doing the ziyarat at Jannatul Baqei. Those who need this photo on higher resolution can write to me on my email, rizvi59@gmail.com

22 मार्च 2008

7th Death Anniversary

I have organise a majlis after maghrebain in Babul Hawaej in Banglore on my mother's 7th death anniversary. Please do attend it.
kindly recite a sura-e-fateha. I will be gratefull. name:-Syeda Hussain Fatema.
Khuda Hafiz
Raza/ Shilu

Chehlum of Haider Baba

The Chehlum of Haider Baba was held at Muzaffar Nagar City on Thursday, 20th March. The Zakir, Hujjatul Islam Maulana Kumail Asghar Zaidi gave a brief life history of the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh). Before Majlis the the famous soaz khwans of Sindhawli read marsiya which made the mo'mineen weep.

17 मार्च 2008


A Majlis on the fortieth day of the passing away of marhum Sayed Sagheer Ahmad (Attan) has been arranged on Sunday the 6th of April 2008, 9.00 am at Nikah Palace, Kareli Colony, Allahabad.
The friends and relatives are requested to attend on this occasion. The zakir is Maulana Orujul Hasan (Meesam) saheb, Lucknow.
Soaz Khwani will be by Janab Zair Husain Saheb, Allahabad.
The Majlis exclusively for the ladies will be held at the same venue at 10.00 am.
For detailed inquiry Mr. Shakeel Rizvi, the son of Marhum can be contacted on +91 9876095129

11 मार्च 2008

Juloos-e-Amaari in Karari

This is the 43rd Year of Juloos-e-Amaari in Karari, Distt. Koshambi (Allahabad). One of the best in the Indian Sub-continent. People come to attend from different districts and States of India. The uniqueness is its management and discipline. Volunteers from the age of 5 yrs upto the senior citizens are the part of the Team.

This year InshaAllah the Juloos will be held on Sunday 16th March 2008 from 7.00 AM onwards. Share with us your views on rizvi59@gmail.com or write your opinions in the comment pop-up.
Was Salaam
Razi Rizvi

PS: This is the Volunteer Badge for the current year.

08 मार्च 2008

Majlis Barsi Allamah Jawadi (T.S.)

On the occasion of 8th Barsi

of Allamah Zeeshan Haider Jawadi

A Majlis is arranged for his sawaab




D,19 Kareli Colony ALLAHABAD

01 मार्च 2008

Chehlum of marhoom Haider Baba

The Chehlum of Haider Baba is on 20th March 2008 at Muzaffar Nagar city. For details, contact Guddu on 9719709177.

The 4 emerging Marsiya Reciters of Karari

In the past Karari had number of expert Marsiya recitors who new their art very well. The high and low pitch of their voice. They created such a descriptive scene of Karbala that the audience visualised the battle. The reciters mesmerised the audience. Also they had the audience support as they knew the Urdu language well and understood the Persian words. MeerAnees, Mirza Dabeer, Meer Monis etc. were the sources of Marsiya. Their Maraasie gave a new dimension to Azadaari. The shortage of Zakereen gave opportunities to local Marsiya reciters. The villages depended wholly on Maraasie in their Majalis.
Unfortunately, this art has been diminishing. For Karari, Mr. Hamid Rizvi had been the saviour of Marsiya recitation. He is one of the best Marsiya reciters of India and the best in Allahabad district. May Allah give him long life and health that he remains fit enough to revive this art.
The light at the end of the tunnel is that few of the souls of Karari have shown interest in Marsiya recitation. Though, they lack in the proper method of recitation, but as we know that practice leads to perfection, InshaAllah we hope that they will carry this holy mantle on their shoulders. Last Moharram (last month), the persons involved in Marsiya recitation in Karari were Mr. Aun Mohammad Rizvi, Mr. Javed Rizvi, Mr. Rehan Rizvi & Mr. Sardar Husain Rizvi (Nayyar). The photos of these personalities is seen above, but, I could not get the photograph of Mr. Rehan Rizvi to upload. To save this art of Marsiya recitation the great help and support is the.............audience. I hope they will save this art by fully appreciating, promoting and attending the Majalis to hear these blessed ones.

28 फ़रवरी 2008

The Lamps of the Dawn

This photograph was taken on 7th Moharram 1429 A.H. outside the house of Husain bhai (S.A.Raza) in Karari below the Bargad tree. Guess who are they? Don't know? email your query at rizvi59@gmail.com

Another Mo'min of Karari Passes away

Janab Sayed Sagheer Ahmad known as Attan (Mohalla Ahata), passed away on 27th Feb. in Allahabad city. He was buried today at 9.00 am in the graveyard of Daryabad. His sons are Anjum, Shakeel & Aqeel. You are requested to recite surah al Fateha for his departed soul.

03 फ़रवरी 2008

Death of Haider Baba

It is sad to hear that Mr. Haider Abbas s/o Karam Ali whom we called Haider Baba has expired tonight at about 10.00 pm in Muzaffar Nagar. He had been bed ridden for about 2 years as he had fractured his right leg. The burial will take place in Muzaffar Nagar itself on 4th February 2008. It is requested to please recite namaaz-e-wahshat tomorrow after namaaz-e-Maghrib.

29 जनवरी 2008

Marsiya & Soz

This photo was taken on 7th of Moharram 1429 A.H. Mr. Kesan, Master Zainul Abbas & Mr. Husain are reciting Soz & Marsiya before the Majlis at Roshan Ali Imambada, Shareefabad, Karari.

23 जनवरी 2008

Back from Hajj

Dear readers salaam
I am back from Hajj. This blog was inactive due to my journey. Inshaallah there will be lots of stuffs in regard to Hajj and Moharram.