01 नवंबर 2007

17th Death Anniversary of late Sayed Haider Mahdi

Tonight a Majlis for the eisaal-e-sawaal of marhum Sayed Haider Mahdi is arranged by his son Shilu on the 17th death anniversary at Babul Hawaej, Hosur Road, Bangalore after the Maghrabayn Salaat. Maulana Tusi will be reciting this Majlis.
On 31st Oct. 1990, marhum was martyred in the Mosque in Jabalpur by the SanghParivar killers during the bloody rath yatra of Advani, the former home minister of India. Marhum was attacked and killed coldblooded while he was in the Mosque. His only crime was, that he was a Muslim. His burial took place in Jabalpur City on 4th Nov. 1990. He belonged to a village known as Daryapur Manjhyawan, 9 kms. from Karari. He was pious and God-fearing.
You are requested to please recite a Sura-e-Fatiha for him.

5 टिप्‍पणियां:

Anwar ने कहा…

We have two kinds of shahid, one symbolized by Hamzah, the master of martyrs, and the other symbolized by Hussein. There is much difference between Hamzah and Hussein. Hamzah is a mujahid and a hero who goes (into battle) to achieve victory and defeat the enemy. Instead, he is defeated, is killed, and thus becomes a shahid. But this represents an individual shahadat. His name is registered at the top of the list of those who died for the cause of their belief.

Hussein, on the other hand, is a different type. He does not go (into battle with the intention of) succeeding in killing the enemy and winning victory. Neither is he accidentally killed by a terroristic act of someone such as Wahshi. This is not the case. Hussein, while he could stay at home and continue to live, rebels and consciously welcomes death. Precisely at this moment. he chooses self-negation. He takes this dangerous route, placing himself in the battlefield, in front of the contemplators of the world and in front of time, so that [the consequence of] his act might be widely spread and the cause for which he gives his life might be realized sooner. Hussein chooses shahadat as an end or as a means for the affirmation of what is being negated and mutilated by the political apparatus.

Dr. Ali Shariati, 1933 - 1977

A Husain ने कहा…

But,dear Anwer here what I understood is this; that it is applied as,"One who dies upon the love of Aalay Mohammad (a.s.), he died a death of Shaheed." Your qoute from Dr. Ali Shariati was good one.

anwar ने कहा…

Yes, you are right. But, then again as Shariati implies, one can choose; choose between 'placing himself in the battlefield, in front of the contemplators of the world and in front of time' and the safety of his house when adan becons him.

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