26 नवंबर 2007

Ashraf Bhai

He is Husain Ashraf known to his colleagues as Pyare Raza. He was ill and had been hospitalised for 5-6 days in Bandra, Bombay. He loves Karari and tries to be over there during the first 15 days of Moharram. He arranges and manages the Majalis of Moharram at "Deputy Saheb ka Imambada". Please pray for his good health. He has been for Hajj in the year 2004 and also traveled to Syria, Iran & Iraq for Ziyaraat. The pilgrimage has changed his life. You can call him on the phone 26431725.

My Dear Uncle

He is the elder brother of my late father Sayed Ghulam Hasnain Rizvi Kararvi. His name is Sayed Ghulam Sibtain Rizvi. He lives in Karari permanently. He is well versed in Urdu literature and quotes the couplets as per the situation. One of the qualities he has is the sense of humour. The other features of his personalities are that he led congregational prayers & recites Marsiyas. But, the specialty is his calligraphy in Urdu language. He has written Jaushan-e-Kabeer on many shrouds (kafan). The family of late Sayed Amir Ali is proud of him. He has trained his son Shoeb Salman and grandson the art of reciting Marsiyas. May Allah increase his life span and always puts him up in good health.

25 नवंबर 2007

Some Pictures of Karbala

The above picture of the place known as "Maqam of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.)". I took these photographs while I was in Karbala & Najaf during the month of Rajab. All the below Photos are of the same month and during the same visit.

The above picture is of "alqama" in Karbala near the shrine of Hazrat Imam Husain (a.s.).
The 4 wheeler vehicles are not allowed some 500 metres near the Shrines of Imam Husain (a.s.) and Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) due to security reasons. So the 3 wheelers such as tempos carry passengers around the shrines.
The Shrine of Imam Husain (a.s.). One of the minaret is under repair.
"Talla-e-Zainabia". It is opposite the qatlgaah. A mound where Janab-e-Zainab (a.s.) stood while her brother Hazrat Imam Husain (a.s.) was slaughtered by the accursed Shimr.
This photo is of "khaymagaah" which is under construction.
A tea stall in Karbala. They sell black tea and prepare it hard, add a lot of sugar in it.

19 नवंबर 2007

Greetings to Al Haajj Dr. Sayed Mohammad Abbas Rizvi

We greet Al Haajj Dr. Mohammad Abbas Rizvi Kararvi s/o Sayed Mohammad Shareef on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter Ainab Zahra with the nephew of Dr. Sajid Imam of Barabanki, staying at Zahra Colony. The groom Sayed Shabih Haider s/o Sayed Matloob Husain Rizvi stays at Sajjad Baugh, Lucknow. The wedding ceremony took place at Madrasatul Waezeen on the 15th of November.
Dr. Mohammad Abbas Rizvi is Assisstant Director of Information with the Uttar Pradesh government. The elites who graced this occasion were Hujjatul Islam Kalbe Jawad Sb., Hujjatul Islam Jawad Haider (Principal of Anwaarul Oloom, Allahabad), Dr. Payam Azmi (Editor of Deen-o-Danish monthly), Hujjatul Islam Haider Mahdi (manager of Jameatuz Zahra and Director of Zahra Life Care), Hujjatul Islam Manzar Sadiq (Principal of Jamea-e-Imamia, Tanzeemul Makatib).
This event was managed by Mr. Riyaz Haider Kazmi.

17 नवंबर 2007

First Death Anniversary of Kaneez Kubra

The first death anniversary of my grand mother Kaneez Kubra was in the month of Sha'ban. But, a Majlis has been held on 11th Nov.'07 at Rizvi College, Karari. The reciter was Hujjatul Islam Zaighamur Rizvi (Qom). There was huge crowd to attend this Majlis.

06 नवंबर 2007

A Shock to Nazeer Abbas Rizvi

Today, the wife of Mr. Nazeer Abbas (Baddan), expired in Allahabad after a more than a decade of prolonged illness. She was bed ridden after giving birth to a child now a youth in teens. She was paralysed below waist. Her life was a complete struggle. May Allah put His Mercy upon this noble lady. We give condolence to Baddan bhai. Those who would like give ther condolences can call him up on his cell no. 9336451878

05 नवंबर 2007

Death of a Two Month Old Child

Today a very sad & mourning day for Waseem living in Malony Colony, Malad, Mumbai. He is a plumbing contractor and sanitary hardware supplier. His 2 month old baby girl passed away this evening due to respiratory disorder. She had been suffering since her birth. Her dead body will be taken for burial at Rehmatabad, Reay Road graveyard. Waseem can be contacted on 9322264666.

Another Marriage Ceremony in Malad

On 4th of November '07, the baraat of Ainul Abbas (Raju) reached Malony Colony, Malaad at 8.00 pm. The father of the bride Mr. Sarfaraz received them. The relatives and friends attended the function in large numbers. Among the Olama were hujjatul Islam Sayed Hasnain Kararvi and Hujjatul Islam Sayed Husain residing in Pune, blessed the groom and wished him a happy married life. Mr. Wazir Haider of Kobe Sizzlers was also present along with his brothers. Mr. Kaunayn Rizvi, the proprieter of Kahkashan Hotel had come all along from Karari to attend this joyous occasion as the groom is his Bhatija (nephew).

01 नवंबर 2007

17th Death Anniversary of late Sayed Haider Mahdi

Tonight a Majlis for the eisaal-e-sawaal of marhum Sayed Haider Mahdi is arranged by his son Shilu on the 17th death anniversary at Babul Hawaej, Hosur Road, Bangalore after the Maghrabayn Salaat. Maulana Tusi will be reciting this Majlis.
On 31st Oct. 1990, marhum was martyred in the Mosque in Jabalpur by the SanghParivar killers during the bloody rath yatra of Advani, the former home minister of India. Marhum was attacked and killed coldblooded while he was in the Mosque. His only crime was, that he was a Muslim. His burial took place in Jabalpur City on 4th Nov. 1990. He belonged to a village known as Daryapur Manjhyawan, 9 kms. from Karari. He was pious and God-fearing.
You are requested to please recite a Sura-e-Fatiha for him.

Baraat, Nikah & Walima

Yesterday the 31st of Oct. Baraat of Kumail Athar s/o Aadil Akhtar of Agyauna (a village 1.5 kms. away from Karari) arrived at Mira Road, Bombay from Bhopal. Kumail was married off to Deeba, the daughter of Mrs. Khursheed Mohammad Ali.
The Grand reception was held at Asmita Club. Maulana Sayyed Ali Akbar & Maulana Hasan Abbas Khan were wakeels representing the bride and the groom respectively. Many renowned person attended the ceremony.
On 22nd the marriage of Mujahid Mohammadali, the son of Mrs. Khursheed Mohammad Ali took place in Allahabad City. The Baraat departed from Bombay.
Mr. Safdar Abbas very efficiently handled this event along with his relatives and friends.
We wish them a happy marriage.