31 अक्तूबर 2007

Marriage of the eldest daughter of Assan Bhai

The Marriage of the elder daughter of Mr. Sayed Saghir Abbas Rizvi, called as Assan bhai will take place on 3rd Nov. in Allahabad. The Baraat will arrive at Kareli Colony from a village just 2 kms. away from Karari i.e. Thamba. We pray to Allah that He makes our Assanbhai successful in fulfilling this responsibility.
p.s. Please don't attend this wedding without invitation. The news is just for your information.

25 अक्तूबर 2007

Sad Demise

It is sad t note that Mr. Raza Haider s/o Late Nazar Hasan of Hasanpur Para has expired on 24th Oct. 2007 in the afternoon after a prolong illness. He was above 75 years of age. He was known as Takkan. He was a poet of Urdu language bearing the title "Barq Paarvi".
Hasanpur Para is a hamlet, just 2 kms. away from Karari town in the south.
The readers are requested to please recite a Sura-e-Fateha for his departed soul. He was very humble to every one.
PS; we will upload his photograph as sson as we receive it.

A photo of a Haji of Karari

This photo is of Haji Mohammad Murtaza Rizvi (Nabban). He is one of the most adorable person of Karari. He is an efficient TTE in Western Railway of India Railways. This photo was taken at his hotel in Holy Makkah after he returned from the valley of Mina, completing the two night compulsary stay (baytoota) and stoning of three Shaitaans. After his great task he is enjoying his tea. Photo by Sayed Razi Rizvi

Few words on Karari

Karari is a town which was geographically situated in the district of Allahabad. But, when a new district was carved out by Mayawati, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh it came under the Koshambi district. District made no difference, the culture remains same. This peaceful town was converted into a political oriented thinking due to election of Town Council. The chairmanship became the bone of contention among the communities. The families were divided on the basis of party politics. We will give you features and latest news on Karari on this blog and would be happy if you give your comments. Your news will also be shared over this blog with your reference. The photographs will give a better and live picture of this historical town....So don't think, share the news and views on Karari.